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The sonnenBatterie is not just a battery, it’s an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in the household.  In combination with solar panels the sonnenBatterie will enable customers to supply themselves with clean energy – thus making them independent and protecting them from energy price hikes.

Safe cell chemistry

The sonnenBatterie uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry because of its inherent safety attributes.

The battery cells will not ignite and are therefore the ideal choice for our residential energy storage.

Over 30,000 systems have been installed inside German living rooms.

Long lasting and highly durable

The sonnenBatterie has a minimum lifespan of 10,000 charging-cycles. So you can rest assured that it will supply your customers with clean energy for many years to come

Full warranty

The sonnenBatterie is a complete battery system including the battery, battery management system (BMS) and inverter.  This means that, in the unlikely event, there is an issue with performance there is no detailed diagnostics required by an installer.  No need to test individual components which would be required for battery systems with separate battery, BMS and inverter.


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